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About Me

 About Me

Hello, My name is Tamara and I go by my spoken word named Karisma.

I'm an Author of a book I wrote entitled, "My Story Is A Mystery That Reveals My Truth In Love Poems". You can find on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, & Bookstandpublishing.com

I am the owner of (Non-Profit) Spoken Word miniStories-Ministries Inc. and owner of Minding Our Business LLC. 

I'm a single parent of 3 daughters Zhane, Tylana, & Zariah. Also, I am a Life Coach - Coaching Life @ mymentor.life/TamaraBlankenship.com. I specialize in Self Love, Single Mother's, Purpose Coaching, Sex, & Situation-ships. Check out my other Platforms & Blogs!

I believe we are the future to fulfill our purpose on Purpose. As an Entrepreneur who is gifted & talented. My passion is to motivate & encourage (#ME) others by speaking a Spoken Word to you by being transparent. #KarismaSpeaks is a Unique Family oriented individual who uses Spoken/Unspoken Words as a walking/talking MeMe to create transformation by making an impact within you.

#KarismaSpeaks "Write The Vision Wear It Plain" 

 Poem entitled ~ Driven 2 Succeed By: Karisma

I've taken wrong detours in not knowing where to go.

I turned left I turned right; I just didn't know.

Even if I took a U-turn to find my way.

Sometimes you have to ask for help to be humble and to just pray.

I'm driven to succeed.

I'm driven to help other's in their time of need.

You may at times have to drive alone.

Where there is no one to encourage you so you can be able to find your way home.

Slow down, use caution, come to a complete Stop.

You've come this far; your almost at the top.

Reverse, check your blind spot, put in park.

It's not how you start but how you finish to make your mark!

I will past this Test.

Even if you don't believe in me all I can do Is To Be My Best!

 (My Testimony-Test-Im-On-Y?) For those who have may not known that a few years ago some of my hair fell out due to stress & Hyperthyroidism which I'm currently dealing with. I still have to go to the doctor to check if I don't have cancer. This situation which leaves me tired all the time & I have irregular menstrual cycles & etc. The above video may seem inadequate of the symptoms of my hair of hyperthyroidism but I Still Wear My Crown Proudly! My hair don't care. You may not know what somebody is going through. I use my story to motivate & encourage others!